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We offer a complete range of Excavation Services, and Timber Management at competitive prices, covering all phases of Commercial and Residential development from house sites cleared to back yard expansions, field reclamation and more.
Excavation Services :

We offer Complete Residential Site Work Services to include:

Gravel driveways – New installation or Repair to Existing  |  Septic Systems – New or Replacement Septic Systems

Retaining walls  |  Stone Walls  |  Stumping and Grubbing  |  Foundation Excavation  |  Yard Expansion   |  New Lawns and Seeding

Underground Utilities | Residential Building Sites | Land Clearing and Leveling | Demolition | Waterline Installation and Repairs
Field Irrigation | Residential Gas and Electrical Trenching | Storm Systems | French Drains and Drainage System Installation and Repairs
Pond and Water Features | Grading and Repairs | Site Access Roads | Parking Lots | Culvert Installation and Repairs | Ditch Clearing and Cleaning.

Selective Timber Harvesting:

This type of cut only removes certain size trees normally mature trees and allows for smaller trees to grow and your forest to flourish. The trees resulting from this cut are used for timber, firewood and wood-chips. There is less of a disruption on your forest using this method and results in an environmentally friendly way to not disrupt the wildlife habitat, lessen soil erosion and run off impact and provide for the best environmental management result of your forest.

View Enhancement:

We are fortunate to have beautiful views of nature. Often, these views are covered up and blocked by towering trees. We can selectively remove unwanted brush or saplings to enhance or obtain or bring back a stunning view.


Thinning is an effective timber management practice that promotes timber growth and restores forest health. When thinning a forest, slower growing or defective trees are removed to provide more space for the remaining trees to grow. The result is that water and soil nutrients feed those that remain, resulting in bigger, healthier trees in a shorter period of time.


Clearcutting is often used for residential and commercial development of a site to prepare for building or to open an area for views. Most of the standing trees are logged in a single operation, and few trees remain after harvest. Forested buffers are left around wetlands, streams and lakes. Some areas may be then replanted within a short time of harvest.


Chipping the tops, limbs of felled trees, cull logs, stumps, dead and rotten trees, and non-merchantable timber, all by-products generated from land clearing and logging operations makes for a clean site and forest floor and a no waste approach. The chips produced are used as a source of wood energy to power pulp and paper mill boilers and finer chips can also be used to make pulp for paper.

We Support The Following Organizations:
New Hampshire Farm Bureau Federation

The New Hampshire Institute of Agriculture and Forestry

NH Maple Producers

New Hampshire Timberland Owners Association

The New Hampshire Timber Harvesting Council
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